About The Investment

This is an investment opportunity for the purpose of acquiring and renovating German Listed buildings.  Dolphin Trust GmbH offers a secure short-term opportunity focusing on the unique Listed Building sector in Germany. They offer clients the chance to play a part in restoring historic buildings in some of Germany’s oldest cities and give these distinctive buildings a new life, creating a new future for history.

Following extensive Due Diligence, Dolphin Trust develop premium apartments within Listed Buildings which are sold to high-rate taxpaying German citizens. These citizens can avail of a unique tax break on the cost of refurbishment which make the apartments very desirable.

Dolphin Trust has offices worldwide and has extensive global reach throughout Europe and Asia. It is consistently ranked among the best performing German companies for financial results and business practice by Germany’s leading credit agencies and since 2011 has received optimum results year on year for credit worthiness.


Dolphin Trust GmbH offers two Investment options.

  • The Deferred Income Option
    When the Deferred Income Option is chosen, Investors enjoy an Interest rate of 10% per annum over 2 or 5 years plus Investors also receive an Interest Bonus of 2% when they choose the 2 year Deferred Income Option, and an Interest Bonus of 10% when they choose the 5 year Deferred Income Option.
  • The Invest For Income Option.
    When the Invest for Income Option is chosen, Investors enjoy the same Interest payments (10% per annum over 2 or 5 years) but the Annual Interest is split into two and paid out on a six monthly basis. Under this option the capital sum that was originally invested at the start of the agreement is returned in full to the Investor at the end of the term.
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How It Works

Dolphin Trust’s Unique Process:

Step 1: Derelict buildings are sourced and extensive Due Diligence is carried out on the property and locality

Step 2: Bank Finance is secured for high-net worth German Citizens with a German Bank

Step 3: International equity is raised – Investor Enters

Step 4: Derelict Site is purchased with investment capital

Step 5: Funds are managed by an independent law firm

Step 6: A Registered First Charge is granted over the German Listed Building for investor’s security

Step 7: Apartments are marketed and sold off-plan to German Citizens

Step 8: Part funds are drawn down

Step 9: Investors are paid back – Investor Exits

Step 10: Renovation and construction work begins

Step 11: Projects are completed and apartments are handed over to their new owners


Minimum Investment £10,000

Term Agreement Options 2 And 5 Year Agreements

Pension Approved SIPP Approved And SSAS Approved


This is an opportunity to invest in a strong investment model which has a proven track record and a formidable reputation. As with many of the products available, this investment provides security in the form of a first legal charge on the asset; the German listed building. With a fixed exit strategy and fixed returns, this has proven to be a very popular investment product.

Dolphin Capital has recently rebranded to Dolphin Trust to further enhance their reputation and continue to provide a strong compliant investment product. It is approved by various SIPP providers to allow those with a pension to diversify their investment portfolio into an established property investment. Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH (a German based credit rating company) has rated Dolphin Capital GmbH.

This company Rates 4.7 million German companies on a scale from 1 to 6 in terms of creditworthiness, where a rating “1” is the best possible result for an individual company.

Important to consider:

All investors should consider the following: The Dolphin Trust GmbH opportunity is an unregulated Scheme.

This means that when clients choose to avail of this opportunity, they are investing in a scheme that is not authorised or approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Clients do not have the protection of the FCA’s Financial Compensation Scheme or access to the Financial Ombudsman.

All clients are responsible for undertaking their own due diligence and investigations in respect of the opportunity and in satisfying themselves with the associated risks. Clients are advised to take whatever professional advice they deem appropriate and necessary, including, without limitation, advice from an Independent Financial Advisor authorised by the FCA to give advice in respect of such investments.

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