The FIXED INCOME PRIVATE BOND was established to fill a void in secure returns in the fixed term environment. Access to high yield and high capital growth investments. They are restricted due to access only allowed to sophisticated and suitably qualified investors.

The process of gaining access and the selection of trade programmes leading to the purchase of discounted securities for the investment portfolio is accompanied by stringent due diligence. This is predominantly based upon longstanding collaborations and relationships with fund managers, traders and market professionals who have a high pedigree and a strong background of delivery in the financial sector. 

 Access is exclusively made available through our FIXED INCOME BOND



High returns are key features of this investment, associated with high risks.

Profits can be generated by buying and selling securities using established trading strategies.

The programmes to which we have access, either directly or indirectly trade discounted securities, currencies or commodities using a fundamental pre-sold policy. What this means is the trader, under contract cannot purchase a security unless a buyer and a price have already been agreed.  The difference in price generates the company a Risk-Free profit which enable us to offer a high yield over a relatively short investment term.


  • Protected fixed income bond, with a 24 month term
  • Fixed income of 2% per month, payable every three months in arrears
  • A level of capital protection via A-Rated Bond Fidelity Insurance
  • Security - fixed and floating charge via debenture, with Regulated Trustees
  • Top management team (including individually FCA regulated director)
  • Available to self-certified high net worth, professional or sophisticated investors only
  • Multi-currency UK banking facilities with major UK bank
  • No third-party recourse to funds
  • Innovative asset class, with no exposure to FX trading or property


We have taken a unique approach to ensure the protection of investor capital.

The company has partnered with a NASDAQ listed, top 3 global broker who has an exceptional pedigree, scale and expertise in the global capital markets vertical.

In order to stay at the forefront of corporate and investor responsibility, we have secured the market leading BOND FIDELITY INSURANCE POLICY in order to provide investors with capital protection against the professional risks associated with the bond offering.


Combining security with a performance driven attitude, we have established our fixed income bond to put investors first and foremost.

Funds invested into our bond will be received via an FCA regulated payment services provider in the UK. Funds are then invested directly by the payment services provider into the chosen investment.

  • Investment into the fund via an FCA regulated Payment Service Provider
  • FCA regulated Payment Service Provider pays monies directly to investee companies on instructions of the Company
  • Profits generated go to the Security Fund
  • The Security Fund is managed by an FCA regulated Security Trustee
  • Investment is repaid by the FCA regulated Security Trustee

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