This is an opportunity for sophisticated or high net worth individuals to invest into a loan note offering a 2% return each month on the money invested. The loan note is backed by a professional traded foreign exchange – FX account, producing a consistent month on month return since 2013. This product is off-market and exclusive to private and confidential investors.


We introduce clients exclusively to a team of professional traders via the loan note contract. The affiliate network has worked with professional traders to develop a fully managed trading account that we believe is superior to anything on offer. The team have 17 years combined trading experience and to broaden the trading opportunities they have a team of 6 traders working across the main currency markets and time-zones worldwide.


All trades are held for less than 24 hours to limit exposure to systemic and wider market risk. They only choose trades where the minimum expected outcome is a no loss/no gain. This approach is cautious but they deliver solid and incremental returns across a volume of trades.

Trading utilises a liquidity provider CFH Clearing to hold client funds and allow them to be traded. CFH Clearing are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Number 481853). CFH have over 400 institutional clients and broker partners with offices in Switzerland, Hong Kong, London and Copenhagen. See for more information


CFH Clearing Limited (Company No. 06557752) was established in 2008 and has as at 31st December 2016 cash balances of £65 million. In December 2016 it was acquired by Playtech plc and now forms part of a £4 billion FTSE250 Company which is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Over the course of 2016 client balances grew by 85% year on year with trading volumes exceeding $1 trillion. CFH Clearing Limited has award winning technology which operates flawlessly around the clock including periods of high volatility like the Brexit vote, Sterling Flash Crash, and US elections. The company has received the Finance Magnates industry participants vote for Best Liquidity Provider for an unprecedented third year.


All clients are given a Risk Statement within their client agreement pack. Any investment comes with risk and the client is made aware of that. The trading platform offer capital protection stopping loss at 10% of the initial deposit, making up that 10% loss from their own funds and then returning the balance of 90%. To date no client has exercised this option


The traders look to build the client account slowly to achieve a client fixed monthly return without taking risks with your money. They do not take a commission on every piece of trading activity and only earn once the client account is in profit. Clients benefit by receiving a return of 2% per month. There is a minimum term of 12 months and at this point the client can ask for the return of their investment fund or continue under a new contract.

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