Godwin Capital Loan Note Investment

Godwin Developments is a UK focused regional property development company with a well-regarded name in the Midlands property market. Over the years it has built an excellent reputation for its professionalism, quality and delivery.

The business operates from its Head Office in Birmingham with the operational centre in Nottingham and maintains a minimal presence in London for practical commercial reasons and to engage with investors and customers.

Godwin Capital Ltd is part of its fundraising division.

Godwin Capital provide loan note investment opportunities to UK and Overseas investors with entry levels starting at just £5,000

Godwin Developments will continue to develop residential opportunities in its target markets utilising its strong land assembly team and network of property professionals to source immediate and strategic sites.

They are also currently delivering a variety of retail parks across the UK with some of the leading fast food retailers and other end users. The significant shortages of modern, purpose-built retail sites, together with the market fundamentals of this sector, makes this an interesting niche.

Investment Highlights

Total raise: £10 million made up of 10,000 loan notes at £1,000 each

Minimum investment: £5,000 per product

2 year bi-annual income product
10% fixed rate loan notes with simple interest payable in arrears bi-annually (paid every 6 months).

2 year deferred income product
12% fixed rate loan notes with simple interest to accrue annually and payable on the final redemption date with the return of capital.


Key Features of the Investment:

  • Fixed Annual Returns with Biannual or Deferred Payment Options
  • Secured by a first legal charge and debenture
  • Fixed terms
  • Cash or pension investments allowable
  • UK based property developer

Godwin Developments focuses on residential and commercial property development opportunities within an area mainly bordered by the key cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and Cambridge, therefore encompassing the largest population centres in the Midlands.

Indeed, the Midlands and the North of England will be key areas for development in housing and infrastructure over the next few years as the consequence of an ever increasing population, a worsening housing shortage and higher rents with initiatives such as HS2 improving access and connections.


In the residential sector, Godwin Developments has a particular focus on opportunities in:

  • Private Rental Sector (PRS)
  • Private Housing
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Council and Quasi-Governmental Bodies-Office Conversions

In the commercial property sector, the focus is on opportunities in:

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Local Neighbourhood Centres

A seasoned team of ‘in-house’ professionals work closely with external consultants to deliver quality developments in line with detailed and comprehensively prepared project appraisals. This development management function is supported by an Advisory Board comprising individuals with strong track records and considerable experience of building successful developments in the residential, retail and commercial sectors.

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