We saw this mainly around 2013 to 2015 when gold took a slight tumble, however the good news is that gold began steaming back up in late 2015 when the global markets hit a wall and Brexit was announced, where it made larger gains during this period than the referendum or the US presidential election.

Whilst the variation prospects of gold are a risk, some might argue a ‘safer’ risk than most, gold has and is likely to always be a strong asset to purchase.  Today’s gold markets are witnessing far more sustainability which is a good thing for long-term investors.

For those looking at taking their first step into purchasing gold, perhaps taking away the variables that come with it could be a good way to include it in a portfolio? For the average risk averse investor this would be a huge opportunity to benefit from the physical aspect of buying gold but ensure a continuous fixed return without the worry of market trends.

It is an exciting time to be adding physical gold to your portfolio. If you are interested in purchasing gold and wish to receive regular income then you should contact us for more information.

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