High Street Group Investment

The High Street Group is focussed on development projects and rental units in both the commercial and residential sectors. The company is aiming to raise £10 Million from the issue of the loan note investment.

The minimum entry into the investment is set at £25,000 and investors are able to invest in increments of £1,000 from there.

The trustee in place is for investor security is the Castle Trust Group who have been based in Gibraltar for the last 20 years. The trustee is in place to protect the investor as they hold the Debenture over The High Street Group and also the Corporate Guarantee.

The loan notes mature 10 days after 18 months from the date of the initial investment.

Investment Highlights

  • 26 Million Profit for the group in 2016
  • Current GDV of Groups Projects – £320 Million
  • Partnerships with some of the UK’s largest blue chip Asset Management Companies
  • Award winning developer
  • Proven track record in PRS, residential, hotel and student markets
  • Security Trustee in place with first charge over groups assets
  • Short Term Exit with provable delivery of returns similar notes over the last 12 months
  • 18% Returns to investors in 18 months

Loan Note Review

The High Street Group is issuing the 18 month loan note to provide equity for the delivery of its Private Rental Sector schemes and Rooftop Development opportunities.

This particular loan note is issued to provide investors with 2 options:

Option 1: The Capital Growth loan note will pay an interest of 18% over 18 months.
Option 2: The Income Generating loan note will pay an interest of 15% over 18 months, with 5% being paid every 6 months.

The High Street Group also provide investors within the loan note with monthly updates on all ongoing and potential projects.

Example: Capital Growth Loan Note (18%)

Investment Return (18 months)
£25,000 £29,500
£100,000 £118,000
£150,000 £177,000
£250,000 £295,000
£500,000 £590,000

Example: Income Loan Note (15%)
Investment 6 months 5% 12 months 5% 18 months 5% Total
£25,000 £1,250 £1,250 £1,250 £28,750
£100,000 £5,000 £5,000 £5,000 £115,000
£150,000 £7,500 £7,500 £7,500 £172,500
£250,000 £12,500 £12,500 £12,500 £287,500
£500,000 £25,000 £25,000 £25,000 £575,000

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