The proposal involves the construction of a mixed-use residential and commercial development scheme, and seeks to accommodate a total of 197 high-quality apartments of varying sizes.

The scheme will incorporate a market mix of residential units, partly consisting of 1 and 2 bedroom flats including balconies, roof gardens, and winter gardens.

Heathrow Skyline is an exciting project in the heart of Southall, West London. Close to Hanwell and Ealing, Southall is a lively area, loved for its vibrancy and rich history.

The site is located in the core of Southall, with both the railway line (within six minutes to Southall Station) and the canal in close proximity. Currently surrounded by open parklands, green space and the famous ‘Broadway’, the site provides quick access to central London and also a swift exit from the city altogether, with good links to the M25, M4, A40 and the North Circular, and Uxbridge Road running alongside.

Major international flight hub, Heathrow Airport, is only a 15 minute drive from the site.


Heathrow Airport is a major international hub airport. It is the largest single site employer both in London and the UK, with over 76,500 workers creating a GVA of around £3.3 billion.

Already in the top 10 busiest airports in the world with 81 carriers, 204 destinations in 85 countries and 78 million passengers per annum served, expansion of runway 3 would facilitate:

• The overhaul of cargo facilities, that could double capacity

• Land for commercial developments such as offices and hotels. It will provide more than enough space to replace commercial premises lost to the third runway

• Up to 740,000 flights a year – enough for London Heathrow Airport to complete on an equal footing with Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. It also provides sufficient hub-airport capacity until at least 2040

• Rail capacity to treble from 18 to 40 trains (equivalent to 5,000 to 15,000 seats) an hour. With improvements to bus and coach services, 30 million more people will travel to Heathrow by public transport in 2030.

According to The Department for Transport, a new runway at London Heathrow Airport will bring economic benefits to passengers and the wider economy worth up to £61 billion and create as many as 77,000 additional local jobs over the next 14 years.


The proposal involves the construction of a residential development, comprising one and two bedroom apartments and commercial units. The proposed scheme aims to accommodate a total of 197 high quality and aspirational apartments of varying sizes, featuring balconies, roof gardens and winter gardens.

The non-residential matrix includes over 32,539 sq. ft. of commercial space, which consists of offices, retail units, café, restaurant, bar and state of the art gymnasium.

The proposed scheme aims to create a modern residential facility at a site that benefits from excellent connections by road, rail and air. Residents will have exclusive use of landscaped communal garden areas, in addition to individual private balconies.

The retail and commercial units would be complemented with ground floor car parking, with the offices and residential units served by secure basement parking. A delivery/loading bay is located south west of the site, with easy access to lift services into the development and the west side of the site where the goods entrance and kitchen are situated.

Pedestrian entrances on both the north and east sides offer convenient access to the Restaurant, Bar, Café, outdoor seating areas and the main entrance to the concierge.

Investment Summary

Minimum Investment:

£20,000 GBP, €20,000 EUR, $20,000 USD

Maximum Capital Raising: £10,500,000 Structure of Capital

Raising: To raise up to £10.5 million of capital through the issue of loan notes.


2 Year Annual Interest Option - £100,000 investment will return you the following on the annual interest option.

Year 1 12% return £12,000 interest

Year 2 12% return £12,000 interest

Original Capital £100,000

Interest £24,000

Total Repayment £124,000

Return On Investment 24%

3 Year Interest Option with Final Bonus - £100,000 investment will return you the following on the interest option with final bonus.

Year 1 12% £12,000 interest

Year 2 12% £12,000 interest

Year 3 12% + 6% bonus £18,000 interest

Original Capital £100,000

Interest £42,000

Total Repayment £ 142,000

Return On Investment 42%

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